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GTC game is not only a game developer! It’s good to know that, GTC presents a new way to interact easily and comprehensively among gamers while gaming. So,  GTC has been arisen by its founders at the beginning of 2019. They started to study about adding new applied facilities to their games. Thus, So, Game Test Café, abbreviated as GTC, was launched in January 2021, under a company named Tradustry OU. Fortunately, we have hired bests of the bests. They are 18 full-time employees who are the best-experienced ones in field of designing, programming, animation, etc.

GTC consists of many game lovers who are specialists in their field of work. So, They do their best to present a new way of both gaming and interacting. GTC is a friendly and nice office which let every team members share their ideas and make them true. Luckily, we have provided a healthy environment for our team members to focus on their tasks. Truly, we love to play games, so we know what would satisfy gamers. GTC team members are going forward just according to up to date information. Therefore, they use their own technical knowledge in each field of activity and apply it to their work. On the whole all we think about in GTC is gaming and the new ways of enjoying more.

Finally, a big bang is on the way! GTC’s first action Viking video game is coming soon.

GTC first Game

VINAR is an action story game that begins in Denmark in the Viking age. VINAR means friends in the old Viking language.

The events of this game begin with the playfulness of our story’s little girl named Frida, who enters the ancient world of the Vikings by picking up a shining stone. after facing unforeseen dangers and enemies, Frida’s friends must go to different areas of the earth with the guidance of the wise old man of their village and look for different pieces of the key to find her and enter the world of the ancient Vikings. You have to guide and accompany this group in finding these key pieces to…

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In addition our products could be used by simple computer devices and they are completely cost effective. Also, they have great visual attractions, audio, video and text communication among the players and create competitions between users by holding the games in the form of local, provincial and European leagues.
Finally, the winner of these games will be a society that has trained users with more social interactions.

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GTC game


We have all played computer games at least once and we have experienced that some of these games are very enjoyable.
Computer games, along with the advantages and benefits such as strengthening memory, processing speed, strengthening decision-making ability, visual skills, increasing happiness among the elder people, etc. They have also weaknesses such as users’ isolation, inability to change the process of the games, high startup cost, etc. which reduce users’ social interactions and distance from the space and the real world.
We are here to work with an experienced team to turn these weaknesses into the strengths points of the games to create a better experience for users!
And this will happen by offering a new set of group strategic games with up to date topics, which are fundamentally different in terms of structure, programming, game environment with existing games.
In another simple words, using today’s technology to regenerate people’s social interactions!


01. IDEA

It comes from the moment you would love to play a real game not playing with your game character!



The stories come on your screen and the player is you not a game character!



You are going to play the stories which you have never heard about!



And finally, you and your friends are playing on your screen, phone or in the café!

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